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Fur Real Friends JJ My Jumping Pug Pet Toy

Fur Real Friends JJ My Jumping Pug Pet Toy

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FurReal Friends pets are here for you! These cuddly pals are here to give you unconditional love and lots of laughs wherever and whenever you need them. Come on a journey that fulfills all your pet-lovin' dreams, from owning a pet who's all yours to making a new best friend who loves you just the way you are. FurReal Friends pets are best friends who play all day, make you laugh, and love you back!

Meet J.J., My Jumpin' Pug The J.J., My Jumpin' Pug pet is a sweet, super-friendly plush puppy who just can't wait to see you! His beautiful beige and dark-brown coat makes him as adorable as he is cuddly. He comes with an attached FurReal Friends collar tag, too. J.J., My Jumpin' Pug pet loves to be petted and played with, and he wants to be your very best friend! Imagine coming home every day to this bouncy, jumpin' pet -- the two of you are sure to have loads of fun!

He Jumps up to Play With You When J.J., My Jumpin' Pug pet is happy and eager to play, he jumps up! Just wave at him and up he goes, raising his paws to play! He really loves it when you pay attention to him and take time to play. He's always happy to see you, and he always wants to have fun! But he knows when it's time to settle down, too. This adorable pug really responds to your touch. Pat him on the head, and he'll sit like a good puppy and make happy barking sounds!

Plush, Playful Pup J.J., My Jumpin' Pug pet is more than just an interactive toy -- he's a sweet plush pug who wants to be your very best friend! With a built-in light sensor, this cuddly pup will jump up and raise his paws to play as you wave at him. Pat him on the head, and he'll promptly sit down and make cute, happy barking sounds. Together you'll have hours of fun, playing, cuddling, and sharing adventures!

Special Features

  • Pet your pup on the head and he'll sit and make sounds
  • Wave at him and he'll jump up
  • He's a cute and cuddly pet
  • He's such a fun friend
  • He really wants to play
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